TDK is currently advancing “Value Creation 2023” (fiscal years ending March 2022 through March 2024), our Medium-Term Plan which launched in April 2021. Our goal under this plan is to become an invaluable presence by contributing to two major social trends—Digital Transformation (DX) and Energy Transformation (EX)—and by offering solutions that satisfy our customers while providing experiences that exceed expectations, thus realizing 2CX (Customer Experience and Consumer Experience).

In April 2022, TDK embarked on a new management structure. As of now, we continue to carry on with our current Medium-Term Plan, which is entering its second year, while looking ahead to put in place business strategies and measures in response to changes in the business environment. This new management structure is charged with the responsibility of achieving new value creation for the TDK Group as a whole by mounting a flexible response to our rapidly changing society, including the accelerating evolution of technologies such as IoT, AI, big data, and 5G, as well as the global COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical risks and others.

TDK does business in more than 250 locations in over 30 countries and regions, with a workforce of about 120,000 employees. About 90% of our workers are employed in locations outside of Japan. In the more than 85 years since our founding in 1935, we have grown into a global company that crosses boundaries of nationality, language, culture, and customs. Going forward, we will continue to respect this diversity, which is TDK’s strength, and will achieve even greater growth by creating an environment in which every individual can maximize their capabilities.

TDK is a fusion of organizations with their own technologies and cultures, representing a wide range of information, technology, human resources, and capital. I am confident that we can enhance TDK’s value even further by tying these assets together efficiently, organically and with proper timing. As “TDK United,” we will strive to increase our competitiveness by creating an environment in which this fusion of organizations rich in diversity can work closely together.

I am convinced that the further acceleration of trends in DX and EX going forward will serve to spur growth for TDK. By seizing this opportunity and continuing to aggressively plant the seeds for future growth, we will work to steadily fulfill our company motto of “Contribute to culture and industry through creativity.” TDK will thus contribute to realizing a sustainable society by creating technologies and providing products of value.